Rapid point-of-use testing for infectious diseases in the community

Rapid point-of-use (POU) diagnostics are going to change the paradigm of laboratory testing for infectious diseases. 

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Principal Investigator
Dr Craig Billington (ESR), Dr Rachel Fleming (ESR)
Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR), Plant and Food Research
Public Contact
Craig Billington, Science co-leader
03 351 0128
Project Timeframe/Status
2023-10-01 -
In Process

Whakarāpopoto Rangahau Summary of Research

Rapid point-of-use (POU) diagnostics are going to change the paradigm of laboratory testing for infectious diseases. There are clear opportunities for rapid POU testing to reduce inequity and empower communities to take control of their health and environmental resources. Some examples of this may include testing for respiratory viruses, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, monitoring antimicrobial resistance, ensuring safe bathing and drinking water, or monitoring environmental quality. 

We are interested in working with communities to help direct priorities for POU assay development and deployment, and have their input into POU assay design, prototyping and testing in community settings.

Te Hiranga a Rangahau Research Impact

The impact of this project will be an increased capability for Aotearoa New Zealand to respond to future pandemics and outbreaks by improving the collection of community health information and increasing our ability to respond to this data in remote and under-served communities. 

This will help communities take ownership of their health and environment by bringing testing capability to a place and time that works for them - enabling more informed decision making and advocacy.

Te Niwha

Kairangahau Research Personnel

​Dr Craig Billington
Science co-lead - ESR 

Dr Rachel Fleming
Science co-lead - ESR 

Dr Erasmus Smit
Clinical Virologist - ESR / Te Whatu Ora 

Mr Richard Dean
Senior Data Scientist - ESR 

Ms Heidi Baker
Senior Scientist - ESR 

Dr Kar Mun Chooi
Senior Scientist - Plant and Food Research 

Dr Courtney Lynch
Early Career Scientist - ESR 

Dr Anower Jabed
Scientist - ESR 

Ms Lauren Baker
Technician – ESR 

Project Timeframe

​2 Years

Media Contact

Craig Billington
Science co-leader 
Phone: 03 351 0128 
ESR Christchurch Science Centre