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CALL OPEN NOW: Scholarships and Summer Studentships


With Te Niwha's Vision and Mission in mind, Te Niwha now invites applications for Summer Studentships, PhD and Master Scholarships. 

The call for applications closes on 1 Aug 2024. Please submit completed forms to

An information session will be held on Wed, 17 Jul 2024, 1 pm. Register here in advance. 

All documents required for application can be found under Resources

  Summer Studentships
  PhD and Masters Scholarships  


Te Niwha are also interested in hearing from both students and supervisors which other forms of student research they are seeking support for, for example internships. If you have something in mind, please send your Expression of Interest to

  Student research support  
  Expression of Interest  


Should you have any pātai, please do not hesitate to contact us at